"FROM 1984...."

TMF was founded as a family company in 1984. In those days, cycle pads were made by stitching together pieces of chamois, where the company’s success was determined by the craftsman skills of its founders, Antonio Furfaro in choosing the best chamois, together with the expert hands of his wife, Patrizia Turrini, in cutting and stitching together pieces of chamois.

The world of cycling and cycle apparel has changed dramatically since then; the cycling pad market is highly diversified and specialised and totally different synthetic products are used to make cycling pads. Yet those ORIGINAL family values of CARE and PASSION have been handed down to and are treasured by the next generation of family members, namely, Lara, Demis, Giada and Nicolas, who pride themselves on RESEARCH,TECHNICAL INNOVATION, PRODUCT DESIGN EXCELLENCE, QUALITY CONTROL, TESTING and above all, TAKING GREAT CARE to accompany and guide their CUSTOMERS throughout the various technical stages of creating BESPOKE cycling pads and accessories that are now globally renowned.

Major developments took place at TMF in 2011, when the company decided to separate research and innovation from production by specifically founding the TMF RESEARCH CENTER in a second facility just over 1 km away from the original site; this was also when TMF renewed its production of accessories, namely winter gloves, summer mitts and shoecovers. In addition, to increase its understanding of pad performance excellence ,TMF been sponsoring its own test team, TMF-VEJUS since 2011 in Elite, Under 23, and Masters events in road and MTB disciplines both in Italy and at international event. This has taken TMF to a new level of understanding of cyclists’ needs uniting our ambition for research and innovation perfection with passion for sport.

In 2013, TMF QUALITY CYCLING PADS Srl embarked upon an extensive restructuring process, enlarging its premises to include a new warehouse and increase its production facility so that its now has an annual capacity capable of producing over 2.5 million pads per year. TMF continues to grow domestically and has vibrant international trade exporting to over 50 countries worldwide, which is also thanks to its extensive network of agents.