Medical Research and Innovation.

“TMF develops highest quality pads thanks to its continuous innovation and rigorous testing, which includes taking great care to eliminate potential health risks and medical conditions that can occur as a result of cycling.”

Dr. Giuseppe Ridulfo, Sports Physician.

TMF Strenghts

  • Skills and know-how based on thirty years’ experience
  • Catering for customers’ specific needs, and guiding customers through design stages
  • Quality control of production and product quality guarantees
  • Respect for international control standards of materials and respect for the environment
Whether it is a road, off-road, gravel-road or triathlon pad you are looking for, TMF has perfected its pad development technology and know-how to create products customized on the base of each customer’s needs.
Our aim is to achieve product design and performance excellence through our rigorous commitment to continuous research into materials, technical innovation, upgrading production and quality control processes.

The TMF story began in 1984, more than 30 years ago.

The aim of TMF till today is to accompany and guide customers throughout the various technical stages to create cycling pads that are globally renowned.

The cycling market is constantly evolving, as well as the disciplines and equipment.

In recent years, TMF has closely followed the changes in the world of cycling guaranteeing constant customer service all over the world.

We ship worldwide and provide where necessary also a service of consultancy for logistic and administrative issues.

In addition to the headquarters, in 2011, TMF was among the first companies in the sector to open a research center inside the facility, devoted to testing and verifying the performance of products, technologies and the materials used on real cyclists.

In the last 6 years, embarked upon an extensive restructuring process, enlarging already twice its premises to include a new warehouse and increase its production facility.