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Prolonged cycling can cause discomfort and pain to cyclists of both sexes. There could be experience of discomfort chafing, inflammation and infection, even micro-trauma in the urogenital area.
Staying on the saddle for long time can cause a strong pressure to the perineal area, which can restrict blood circulation and, in the long term, lead to pathologies nerve and vascular diseases, loss of sensation in the groin and, in the most extreme cases, impotence.

Our Research Center performs indoor and road tests to evaluate and measure pressure and compression points, shocks caused by vibrations, overheating of material surfaces, and moisture retention.

Data are collected using specific measurements and feedback from our testers, which play an important role in refining the design of our products.

Environment and riding terrain

Environment, weather conditions and type of terrain, as well as the duration of the ride, have a significant impact on cyclists’ needs and on pads’ characteristics.
Outdoor testing allows us to test concretely our products in order to refine their durability and comfort.

Height, weight, gender and builds

Differences among physical body structures have a very important effect on the pressure exerted by the saddle. In our tester team, we included heterogeneous cyclists to test products’ adaptation to
different conformations.

Riding Position

Each cycling discipline involves different saddle seats, which means that the main pressure points vary, as do the areas that tend to heat up and retain moisture; these factors require. modifications to the chamois design based on the biomechanical discipline.
The saddle positions are also subject to significant variations based on cyclists’ experience.

We scientifically evaluate the quality
of each pad line

Random tests are carried out by our laboratory of analysis to
to respect quality standards.

The Head of our Research and Development Laboratory

Michele for many years competed in Italy as an amateur cyclist,
taking part to National events.

Michele joined TMF in 1995 and, thanks to his knowledge in cycling and practical experience in production and research, became a key player in innovation and design at TMF.

He has a materials and design true mastery, and a deep understanding of current market trends that keep TMF at the forefront of cycling pads’ innovation.

MICHELE FREZZA | Head of Research and Development

“I put my experience as an every day cyclist at the service of TMF R&D laboratories.”

Tel: +39 045 6302293
Email:  michele@tmfcyclingpad.com
Skype: Michele_4587