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Prolonged cycling can cause discomfort and pain to both male and female cyclists. This may even lead to sores and chaffing, inflammation and infections, or even micro traumas in the urogenital area.Being in the saddle for a long time exerts increased pressure in the perineal area, which can restrict blood circulation, and in the long term, lead to nerve and vascular pathologies, loss of sensitivity in the inguinal area and, in the most extreme cases, impotence.

The Research Center carries out testing made indoor and outdoor to assess and measure pressure points and compression, shocks from vibrations, overheating of material surfaces and moisture retention, in five main areas (left ischial, right ischial, anal, pernieal and pubic).

These data is collected using specific measuring equipment and the feedback of our testers, who play an important role in helping us to perfect the design of our products while guaranteeing the maximum safety, comfort and breathability in the saddle.

Environment and riding terraine

Environment and weather conditions, and the duration of the ride, make a significant impact on the needs of cyclists and the characteristics of pads. Outdoor testing allows us to really try out our products in a real environment so that we can evaluate the resistance and comfort characteristics of pads through a genuine cycling experience.

Height, weight, gender and body shape

Different physical types also have a very important effect on the pressure exerted on a saddle.

In our test group, we have included cyclists with different physiques to match every body type imaginable.

Riding Position

The various cycling disciplines use different saddle positions, which also means that principal pressure points vary, as do the areas that tend to heat up and retain moisture; these factors require modifications to designs based on the discipline in question. In fact, saddle positions are subject to significant variations depending on the riding”experience” of the cyclists.

Tests are carried out on samples at our test laboratory to ensure that high quality is a constant and repeatable feature of our pads.

You can ask for specific tests to be carried out simply by sending us a request.

The Head of our Scientific Laboratory Test for Research and Development

Michele Frezza is the new Head of Research and Development at the TMF Research Center. Aged 47, Michele has a long-standing passion for cycling, and as a young cyclist he raced for many years competing in top amateur cycling events at national level in ltaly.

Michele joined TMF in 1995, and thanks to his first hand knowledge as a cyclist and practical experience in production and research, over the years he has matured into becoming a leading player in innovation and design of TMF bespoke cycling pads.

Michele has a true command of materials and design, and a deep understanding of current market trends and tendencies necessary to keep TMF at the forefront of cycling pad innovation.

MICHELE FREZZA | Head of Research and Development

I am sure that we will be able to do a great work together, and I look forward to hearing from you and answering all your questions.

For all your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me at TMF:

Tel: +39 045 6302293
Email:  michele@tmfcyclingpad.com
Skype: Michele_4587