SINCE 1984

We make cycling an increasingly exciting journey

The TMF story began in 1984.

Cycling was different, as well as the pads, made at that time of buckskin.
Since then, the world of cycling has changed a lot.

Nowadays, cycling has many specialties, disciplines and variations. There is not only “Road” and “Off-Road“; the new Gravel category uses both road and alternative routes. Even City bikes and bicycle tracks have changed.

Cycling is still a sport for people who want to have fun, including Triathlon enthusiasts.

Cycling has evolved, as well as its disciplines and equipment.
And consequently, also cyclists’ needs, including pads’ materials.

At present, the TMF RESEARCH CENTER can rely on a team of amateur and professional cyclists for the testing phases of the new prototypes, to monitor the comfort, the protection’s degree and the well-being provided by TMF pads.

Every detail is checked to ensure that each model, technology, fabric or foam is perfect, adaptable, ergonomic, breathable and soft on skin, especially in sensitive areas. And of course to make sure that anyone using a TMF pad can ride in total comfort and safety.

  • Materials and exclusive construction technologies.
  • Maximum customization.
  • Quick delivery time for customized products*.

* We create your prototype, test your product and give you a customized sample.


TMF is a big team that works in synergy to reach everyday higher levels.
For any need do not hesitate to contact us.

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