The Art of a customized pad

In today’s cycling industry, where competition is getting tight and performance, comfort and durability, are a must, TMF believes in a fusion of both traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation. As a leader in the production of high quality cycling pads for 40 years, TMF puts its knowledge at customers’ disposal to develop, a range of products which meet all athletes’ needs.


The secret of TMF Cycling Pads: a balance between expertise and innovation

TMF’s mission focuses on creating innovative cycling pads that stand out for the quality of the materials and the design to offer maximum comfort and improve athlete’s performance. This goal is achieved through a constant research and development of cutting-edge solutions.


The importance of customization: taylor-made Cycling Pads

In a customization-oriented market, TMF distinguishes itself by offering personalized cycling pads. This allows to meet each cyclist’s need, ensuring an unique riding experience. TMF cycling pads perfectly adapt to different needs, thanks also to the close collaboration between our product managers and designers.


Technology and tradition: a winning combination

TMF keeps in mind its artisanal roots, which are continuously valued combining traditional techniques with the most advanced technologies. This mix is reflects in the detail’s care and the superior quality of the pads, elements that make each piece unique.


Attending trade shows: functional fabric fair in München

TMF’s presence at international events like the Functional Fabric Fair demonstrates the company’s commitment in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. These events represent a crucial moment to exchange ideas and launch the latest cycling pads, consolidating TMF’s position as a leader in the cycling world.


Towards the future: TMF and its cycling attitude

Looking to the future, TMF sets the ambitious goal of continuing to innovate and improve its products, always focusing on the athletes’ needs. Active listening to the market and the ability to anticipate trends allow the company to develop pads that not only enhance performance but also contribute in obtaining an increasingly pleasant and comfortable cycling experience.

In a world where the bicycle is not only a vehicle but also an icon of freedom and love for nature, TMF is the ideal partner for anyone who believes that cycling is a passion to be lived without compromises.

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